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Friday, December 17, 2010

Isn't it normal?


Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhh...It's Fridayyyyyyyyy!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

That's how I feel.  HAPPY!  But like, "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

This is what happens when your daycare SUCKS.

Over the past couple weeks I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other back to the other back to the other.  Make up your mind, mind!  Begins when I find out my son had his diaper changed just once at daycare.  Husband goes to daycare on a Sunday evening to discuss, asks daycare to record diaper changes and meals.  Monday and Tuesday, daycare makes big effort.  I soften.  Begin to like daycare.  Begin to think daycare isn't so bad.  Begin to remember Jack is happy at this daycare and likes Z.  Begin to remember how convenient this daycare is. 

Fast forward a couple of days.  Wednesday.  Daycare stops recording diapers or meals.  Wow.  That lasted a long time (sarcasm).  I decide to send my own food for her to feed Jack.  Call me a control freak but I want to know what he is eating.  Diapers not a big deal b/c since I use cloth I can count how many were used each day.  Decide I do not need her recording diapers and food.  Fast forward a couple more days.  Friday.  I telework.  Pick Jack up to bring him with me to lunch.  Surprise daycare.  Z not there but her helper is.  (Her helper is sweet but does not speak much English.)  Helper rapidly whips the bottle out of Jack's sleeping lips.  I HATE BOTTLES IN CRIBS.  HATE IT.  Hate it even more when Jack has a double ear infection (like he does right now) because it is too easy for me to blame the double ear infection on daycare putting bottles in the cribs.  I have known she does this but I saw it with my own eyes today so...grrr.

Went to visit a new daycare who has NO SPOTS.  I could tell she didn't want me to come visit, since she has no spots, but I really wanted to meet her in case a spot opens.  I'm remaining hopeful because her daycare was AMAZING!  Its $100 less each week than Jack's current daycare...not that I even care about price at this point. Her entire upstairs is dedicated to her daycare.  She has a sleeping room with cribs.  She has a computer room where she teachers the older kids to type things like their names.  She uses sign language with them.  She has an outdoor playground.  She has an indoor playground room.  A kitchen dedicated solely to the daycare.  Cubby's for each kids stuff.  It's a school!  An in-home daycare school!  I loved it!  She has a room that she calls her office where she plans the lessons and activities for all the kids the next day.  She is AMAZING.  AMAZING!!! FA LA LA LA LAAAAAA!!!  So I asked if she could suggest another daycare who she thinks is as good...she gave me a name.  I called and left a hoping they have a spot.

But this is probably boring for you to read about. 

My husband tells me I always have something I am fixated on.  Maybe its something at work. Maybe its him needing an ADHD Coach ( worked though)...And now its daycare.  But isn't it normal?  It's okay to have one thing you're focused on at all times, right?  It's better than having multiple things you're focused on.  I focus on something, fix whatever the problem is, and then move on.  :)

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