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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jack has a new aunt...and he is a nudist.

Andrew and Whitney got married! The wedding went off without a hitch and they looked like a couple straight out of a magazine...JCrew I'd have to say.

I was very nervous going into this weekend. It was located in Mathews, Virginia...Whitney's hometown. I wasn't sure how Jack would do off his routine. Not great!!! He didn't sleep in the car ride down of course (stop and go traffic and he always cries when we're not moving...stop and go set the tone for the rest of the trip). We rented a house on the grounds where the reception was located. Got to the house around 4. Jack was already on the brink of melting down. I left him with grandma while I went to the rehearsal which was supposed to be only thirty minutes (starting at 5:30) but didn't even get STARTED for 30 minutes and then lasted an hour or an hour and a half. I was supposed to be there since I was reading scripture but had to leave early to get back to Jack and grandma. Grandma and I made it to the rehearsal dinner but Jack and I didn't last long. He burst out in the middle of my dad's toast. John tried walking him around in the Beco but even that didn't work so Jack and I went home. I was worried he wouldnt sleep at night either since he never sleeps anywhere but his crib...but he slept perfectly in the pack n' play!!! Only thing is, I didn't get him in there until 9:30, after we went through his bedtime routine. Just because he goes to bed late, does not mean he'll wake up late. In fact, they say just the opposite happens. Typically, the more your baby sleeps, the better he'll continue to sleep. The less/worse he sleeps, the worse he'll continue to sleep, like a vicious cycle. Anyway, he woke up at his usual 5:30. He also woke up at 4:00 AM. I don't know how people who have the baby sleep in the same room do it. I wake up SO much more...b/c I hear every little peep. In fact, this morning (our second night there), he was makign a lot of noise around 3:30 AM. I woke up to feed him but was thinking, I know he isn't really hungry. I decided to wait a minute to see how it would play out. Turns out, he was just busy in his diaper and went rigth back to sleep until 5:30 when he typically wakes up. Anywho, so each night he got 2 bed about 2 hours later than normal, meaning we started both of our days there at a two hour sleep defecit. Saturday was wonderful. We had family and friends visiting all day, in and out. He met Grandma Rowland for the first time...and loved her.  check out this video.

He also met Dixie and Colleen this mom's childhood friends :)

You can see he is practically naked in almost all pictures. That is because he LOVES being naked. If all else fails, strip off his clothes and normally, he is happy as a clam!

Bouncing back to the reception...before I finally brought him to bed at 8:30 (melting down)...John carried him around in the Beco carried (one of our saving graces)...

I then brought him up to bed but because people thought the bathrooms were for anyone's use, while giving Jack a bath I had people I didn't even know knocking on the door...maybe five times.  oh wells!

Here are some other pics from the wedding...

My cousin ADAM---ladies, this man is single!!!

My cousins, Kristen and Stephanie...Kristen (left) waved hello to Jack during the ceremony at which time, Jack burst out crying and exploded his diaper, shooting poop all the way up the back of his cute outfit.  I used disposables for the wknd...darn disposables!  I never have that problem with cloth.  I took Jack outside to change him since his screams were audible anywhere in the church...but made it back in for the good stuff.

Emily (my sister) and Jason (BIL), Jack's God Parents

My mom and me...

John and Jack snoozing on the porch Saturday afternoon...Jack is such a catnapper and sleeps much better ON you...

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  1. Nice outfit Lauren ;)
    And if babies want to be nudist, they get that privilege! At least he's mostly happy when he is .. so all the more reason to go sans clothes! Looks like a fun time !


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