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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Second Thought...

This is a post I meant to put up yesterday (5/4/2010)...I started having a hard time being back at work when John was home with Jack...maybe jealousy?  hehehe.  I dont think so!

...I think I’m overly optimistic when I’m uncomfortable with something…almost like I’m trying to talk myself into feeling good about something when I’m not. Then reality hits days or months later. It only took one day for me to decide that it’s really tough leaving Jack during the day. John is watching him today. I just called and Jack was talking in the background and it made me just start crying. I don’t know…I guess I could try to do part time? First thing is to decide how long of a chance I want to give working. A month? Two months? Six months? I just don’t like this one bit...

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