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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bailey Update

I brought Bailey to a new vet yesterday.  We needed one closer to home now that we have Jack.  It's only about 10-15 minutes closer taking traffic into account but every little bit counts!  She needed a refill of her Tramadol (which is like morphine for dogs).  Since it was the first time they have seen her, they did some blood work to get an idea of how she is doing aside from her huge tumor.  Anyhow, they called today with the results and the doctor said, "Bailey is doing REALLY really GREAT!!!  Her electrolytes are great, her liver and kidney functions are GREAT...she is just doing great!"  I was like, oh great.

But seriously, I am happy!  She is cute and she loved our time together without GOOSE in the car bugging her.  (Goose is our other dog)

Jack was crying (of course) and she put her head on his lap in the carseat.  What a cutie.  I guess she does have some redeeming qualities. :)

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  1. You are not a wimp! I worried about the same things for my daughter when I was going back to work. Fortunately, I wrote everything I wanted to convey to our sitter in a spiral-bound notebook and created a section for her to write important things for me to know about their day (i.e. what times and how many ounces for each bottle, what kinds of food she was given, naptimes, notes, etc). It made the transition easier for me because I felt that I still knew what happened each day for Lucy and ultimately it allowed me to make sure her diet was versatile.

    Baby Jack will get into the swing of things and get on a bit of a schedule soon. But don't worry, he'll change it up again once you grow accustomed! :) Congrats!


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