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Friday, April 30, 2010


Seems like it's always something new!  Just in the last two or three days has Jack started really enjoying the activity gyms.  Today we used (for the first time) the Baby Einstein activity gym.  It has a star that is at the top and he finally found that and watched it blink...he even talked to it for awhile...and after a long while (maybe 15 minutes) he started kind of yelling at it.  I'm going to catch that on video soon. 

My grandma was here all day helping.  I got a TON done.  I cleaned out the closet where I stuff gift bags, boxes, etc.  I mailed 8 books that I owed people on  I did a couple loads of laundry.  John and I went to lunch.  I went grocery shopping.  Changed the sheets on our bed.  John and Tim worked on the fence.  Grandma and I sat on the front step with Jack on the activity gym mat on the grass in the shade under a tree.  He absolutely loved it.  We went out there around 3:30 and didn't go in until about 5:00.  He played on his belly for about 30 minutes, then I rolled him onto his tummy...and he fell asleep.  Just like that!  I was amazed.  I guess being outside in the fresh air with a nice breeze on a soft mat could put anyone to sleep.  He didn't make a peep despite all the neighbors being in our yard talking, the kids playing around him, Bailey trying to eat the mat.  It was fun.  I think grandma had a good time too.  Even though the three year old said, "She doesn't look like MY grandma.  She looks different."   Maggie (sister-in-law) and Katelynn (niece) stopped over with a dog they were dog sitting so we had a zoo in the back yard (four dogs including Tim's dog).

Oh yes, we hit another milestone today.  Grandma thought Jack needed rice cereal...that he is a big baby and he needs it.  You don't question grandma.  The grandma's on my mom's side are like matriarchs.  You just listen to them.  And you don't even wonder if they are right or wrong.  So I rushed off to the store for rice cereal (even though it made me really nervous and I felt like crying a little on the way to the store).  We came back and took about 100 pictures of Jack eating rice cereal.  It was really cute and once he figured out the spoon, he liked it.  I don't know if it helped or if we'll do it again but it was cute.  She thinks he is always crying like he is hungry...which he IS...but I think it's because he loves nursing.  If I let him he would just hang out nursing all day I bet.

Possibly youngest baby ever on rice cereal???

Did he like the rice??? I'll ask him when he can talk...

Jack LOVES being naked.  Is this normal?  He absolutely loves it!  He can be crying like a crazy man....take his clothes off...and he quiets right down.  I was taking a shower this week with him in the vibratig rocker...he started crying so I took him into the shower with me...he smiled the whole time.  After the shower I put him naked on the floor.  I won't show you full mom hates it that I show people pictures of naked Jack so I don't...but I'll show partial... :)

After the shower I wrap him up while I get ready...

Then, naked...

He is smiling, laughing, and talking a ton...this has started within the past couple of weeks.  I just want to squeeze him so tight and kiss him like crazy when he does this.  He is still crying a lot but...I feel it's lessening.  I think we're just going to have to sweat it out!  Luckily, he's cute.  I go back to work Monday.  I think my feelings on that can be a whole other post.

Goose (our pit-mix cutie) is still unsure of Jack...You can see Bailey laying like a bump on a log in the background.

Best Bobby Pillow EVER...

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