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Saturday, April 10, 2010

That's just a bunch of baloney!

Jack has just started smiling and laughing!!!  True, mostly to John...doesn't Jack know who feeds him?!

Probably my biggest stressor (after learning the whole breast feeding gig) has been sleep!  I've already written about that but even after Jack caught on to the whole "sleeping through the night" deal, he's really been a bad napper.  He takes cat naps here and there or he'll sleep on walks (we log lots of miles with our new jogging stroller and strollometer), or he'll sleep in the carrier, but he melts down by the end of the day b/c he really isn't getting any quality sleep!

So I decided I've gotta toughen up with myself!  I have to listen to his cries at nap time just like I had to do at night before he became such a great night sleeper!  I knew the first thing is that I can't give up after one day.  I also knew I needed to keep some sort of log so I could be consistent and  routine. 

Yesterday was Day 1 of my mission.  It went okay.  My goal is to put him in the CRIB for one nap before noon and one nap after noon.  According to my log, I put him down at crib, he cried off and on for an hour...snoozed a little, then cried a little, etc.  I think he may have slept for 30 minutes.  I put him down again at 2:30 and he probably cried 15 minutes but slept a whopping 45!  My goal is for him to be in his crib for an hour each time, crying or not.  Of course if he goes to sleep, I'll let him stay there until he wakes up.  Well, I did have to listen to his cries but instead of being an irritable grumpy crying baby by the evening, he was soooooooooo happy!!!  He smiled, laughed and was in a great mood!  So I said to myself, It has to be a bunch of baloney that letting Jack cry it out is going to emotionally damage's better for him and makes him a much happier baby!  ALSO, considering how much I love him and am trying to do the right thing, how could I emotionally damage him in this way?  I just don't think that could happen.

This is why I hate to see him cry.  How sad...

Today, I put him in crib at 10, he hardly cried and slept for OVER an hour.  Of course, our afternoon nap went awful but it's a step in the right direction!  I ordered a projection mobile online to see if it helps with the naptimes!  I also play his Irish lullibies during naptime.  Now he is nursing and falling asleep since he is so tired from of course NOT sleeping at his nap.  I'll put him in carrier after and then a walk to build in some more sleep.  I feel we are making progress though!!!

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