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Friday, April 16, 2010

What I like...Must have Baby Things

Here are my favorite baby products so far...

1.  Aden and Anais Muslin Blankets...

Why I like them:  They are breathable...keep your baby cool in the summer, warm in the winter.  They allow your baby to regulate their own body temperature.  And they're bigger than other swaddle blankets!  47 x 47!  They also get softer every time you wash.  They you can wrap up your baby super snug but if they don't want it that tight, they can losen it up a little fact, below you will see a picture of Jack after he broke out of his swaddle...I didn't do a great job on the swaddle but he always fights swaddles.  He sounds like he is really trying to go to the bathroom actually grunting and all that until he breaks out.

So these are the swaddles I have:

And here is a picture of Jack breaking out...

And here is just a picture I like of Jack swaddled up...

2.  Soothie Pacifiers... the breast feeding class told us not to give your baby pacifiers for 4-6 weeks.  We returned every single pacifier we had bought or received as gifts.  One day after Jack was home, John ran out and bought every single one back...we were desperate!  Jack still isn't crazy about pacifiers but this is his favorite type:
3.  Cloth Diapers!  My favorite...and a new hobby.  I use two types.  One for daytime (The Flip) and one for evening (Bum Genius 3.0)

4.  Hooter Hider...gotta have one!

5.  Beco Baby Carrier Butterfly 2(We love this...lots of good things about it)

That picture above is from their website.  It's not me.  My baby isn't that big.  Anywho...this is a picture of John using the carrier.  He likes it and is able to get Jack to fall asleep, then he can sit down.  When I sit down, Jack always seems to wake up.  Today I accidentally spilled a cup of ice water all over Jack and John when Jack was sleeping on John in the carrier.  WOOOPS.

6.  BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller (we walk or run about 6 miles a day in this since Jack loves to be outside and moving)...

Here is a pic of Jack in the jogging stroller on one of our walks...we bought the infant car seat adapter to go with it so we wouldnt have to wait for him to get bigger before using it.  I promise he likes it more than he lets on...

7.  Last but not least...the Strollometer!!!

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