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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm sort of a bathaholic.  I hardly ever drink so I joke that it's like my evening cocktail and I have to have it!  I definitely never go to bed without a bath first...they're not even very long...maybe 10 or 15 minutes (except for when I was pregnant because I loved how weightless I felt in the bath tub then).  So when I was trying to give Jack new "sleep associations" (other than me), my mom reminded me of the bath!  She said we used to love them when we were babies.  The bath is my mother's cure-all for everything.  Once, my dad fell out of a tree and instead of rushing him to the emergency room, she made him take a bath.  This is just always how its matter what your ailment, try a bath.

Anyway, the minute Jack's umbilical cord fell off, we jumped in the bath tub.  Every night since then we have taken a bath together.  While I run the water and get things ready, I place him on a soft frog sponge next to the tub and he has learned what comes next.  It's so cute to see him anticipate the bath!  No matter what his mood, when he knows a bath is coming, he stops crying and starts waving his arms and legs.  If only I could bathe him all day.

Today is a ROUGHHHHHHHHHH day.  It started yesterday so I guess you could say we've had a rough couple of days.  He is crying like crazy and I cannot  get him to settle down or take a nap.  So I decided, its bath time.  We've never taken a day time bath  but desperate times call for desperate measures!  As soon as he knew it was bath time, of course he quieted right down.  We're going through our night time routine right now (bath, nursing, bed) and let's see if it helps him take a LONG nap.  Of course, this really isn't a very good naptime solution b/c I dont think the babysitter will be willing to jump in the tub with him every time he needs to sleep (nor would I want her to) but it might help us get him used to at least taking a solid nap during the day. 

My original plan was to swing by Buy Buy Baby (after a nap which I could not get him to take) to buy a swim diaper and head to the pull for a half hour to float around.  Since its been such a hard day already, I am not too eager to drag him to any store...which tends to over stimulate him and make things even worse.  I absolutely LOVE the water, love the smell of the pool, the chlorine, the smell of skin AFTER you've been in the pool...I love love love it!  So maybe Jack will take after me in this way seeing how much he loves the bath water!

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