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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today = WOAHHH

Today is probably the worst or one of the hardest days I have had with Jack.  He was truly unconsolible from the moment he woke up.  There may have been a couple hours (including the few times he slept) where he did not cry but the rest of the day was not just crying but crying so hard he has a hoarse voice.  Sometimes I find myself in tears with him...mainly out of frustration and wondering..."Am I not doing enough to sooth him?  Am I doing something wrong?"  I think I know that I cannot do anything to help this but sometimes I wonder.  On a typical day I think I control the crying by walking in the stroller for hours on end through the neighborhood.  But it isn't realistic to do that non-stop.  Today was dreary and rainy so we spent most of the day indoors...maybe that is why he cried so much.  Holding him used to help somewhat but he is bigger now and I don't think he is as comfortable sleeping on me and so wakes up frequently, crying.  Lately he wakes up in a worse mood than when he went down.  Nursing usually works to calm him down but not today.  I'm glad the breast feeding worked out for us b/c it's one of the only things that usually calms him its one of my only moments of peace throughout the day...he takes a long time compared to when we give him a bottle.  Today though he ate often but not for long so I didn't have very long breaks.  Maybe he is going through a growth spurt but I feel like I blame his irritability on growth spurts all the time and a kid can only grow so much, you know!?  He hates the swing, kinda likes his vibrating rocker for no more than 15 minutes.  He loves baths but you can only do that so many times in a day.   He's your basic motion junkie I guess.  No sitting around in front of the TV for us.  Well, thank GOODNESS he sleeps so well at night.  He wears himself out so much crying that he sleeps for long stretches...last night 10.5 hours.  But I'm still tired!!  This crying leaves me so rattled and frazzled by the end of the day.  I can tell its not the reflux b/c the main symptoms are missing.  I think its just typical collick.  They say collicky babies usually stop the crying around 3-4's hoping for 3 months or sooner!  That leaves me 4 weeks or less!

Today we did run out of the store just so I could get out of the house...I picked up swim diapers so tomorrow we're headed to the pool.

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