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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jack's Baptism!

BaptIt wouldn't be fair if I only blogged on our bad days so I decided I must blog tonight about the friggin FANTASTIC day Jack had today!  This morning at church he was pretty fussy so I had to leave the sanctuary for half the service...typically he is pretty easy at church so I was like, "wuh woh".  But we got to my parents house for the party after and it was smooth sailing!  I was so nervous going into it knowing there would be about 35 people or so...I thought two words (or maybe one?)...OVER STIMULATION!!!  I worried about him being passed around too much, taking too much in etc.  We forgot the Beco carrier at home so my dad drove me all the way to my house to get's a MUST b/c in crowds we plop him in and either John and I can carry him around while he sleeps.  So we got there, change his diaper (huge diaper and he peed all over me...which I can't help but think he thinks is funny), change him out of his baptism outfit and into his cute outfit from Janie and Jack (even my sister-in-law liked it and she always thinks I pull up his pants too high).  Fed him...and then braved out into the party...put him in the carrier where he slept for probably an hour...then handed him over to my SIL (sister in law) b/c she loves holding him and I can sometimes be a little posessive...he got handed around for at least an hour and was happy as a clam...even fell asleep on Maggie (SIL).  Most people left and John and Jack and I stuck around to hang out with my mom and dad, grandma, sister and BIL, brother and SIL.  Jack slept on John for a long time, then my dad got to play with Jack for about an hour....Jack always cries with my parents so I think my parents were in dad even took him outside to point out different types of plants to him.  So anywho...what a great day.  I loved it.  Little slice of heaven and the weather was amazing so everyone got to hang out on the deck!  I will add pictures soon.

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