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Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's be real...

Is my baby going to be in jail by the age of five?  I mean, you have to admit, those eyes...he looks like he is plotting...

I responded to an email from my cousin.  She is pregnant with her second.  Her first, Addison, is sooooo cute.  At least to me, she seemed like such a happy baby all the time...she even posed for the camera at a very young age.  Kara asked me how motherhood was?  I had to be honest...some days (like yesterday) it kicks my butt!  Here is an excerpt from my email to her...

"I love motherhood but WOAH. Just, "Woah." Yesterday by the end of the day I thought I would fall over and die. When John got home i practically threw the baby at him and asked if they could go outside for an hour to give me peace. Jack is the moodiest, most strong willed and stubborn baby I've ever seen. my mom thinks a lot of it has to do with collick but Im beginnin to wonder...i hope he isnt in jail at the age of five. He's just soooo difficult. he literally will yell at you with his cries. Im used to it now but when someone hears it they are kind of shocked. mornings are awful b/c im faced with the reality of a baby who hates naps and i dont know what to do with him all day...I have started putting him down when I see him tired anyway but he puts up a huge fight and its exhausting. He is a "motion junkie" and so we walk like 5 miles a day on average b/c he usually doesnt cry if we're outside we invested in a nice jogging stroller and strollometer and when we wake up in the morning we start walking. Its tiring. he DOES sleep at night...usually 7-10 hours that first stretch but he may or may not go back to sleep after. uggg. I wonder if he is so angry b/c I was yelling at the doctors during labor about the epidural I couldnt get."

I'm lucky to have a friend with a baby boy who is three weeks older than Jack.  Bastian, her baby, has a very similar disposition.  I dont know where Bastian gets it from b/c his mom is the sweetest thing ever!  (I think I have myself to blame for Jack's temperment...I'm maybe the same way).  But Sarah and I get together once a week for a walk and compare notes.


  1. Come on now...the age of Five that would be ridiculous. Who would press charges on someone so cute? Now if he lost his good looks your prediction could come true, but I don't see that happening. This kid is a stud!!

  2. I'm so glad you have someone with a baby the same age. My friend Kelly and I were the same way and it was so comforting to have someone to talk to about everything--especially b/c they are living through it at the same time. Plus, since your babies are alike, it makes it even more comforting knowing you aren't alone!


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